Outstanding management consultants are more than just brilliant analysts and strategists. Above all, they are strong and creative personalities from a variety of backgrounds. Everyone at SuperAct is committed to three core values: excellence, entrepreneurship and empathy. These values shape everything we think and do. As a result, we create lasting, measurable value.


We follow an entrepreneurial approach and provide creative and pragmatic solutions.


We achieve excellent results and develop global best practices to ensure measurable and sustainable success.


We are insightful and responsible advisors and we contribute to the greater good.

Institutional Performance Excellence

We assist the organization in adopting and implementing excellence endeavors.

Smart Excellence Models

In accordance with the Governmental directives to transform all services to SMART services.

Strategic Planning

Shaping the future of the organization through a realistic, reachable, and participatory .

Human Resources Management

Developing and overseeing the implementation of Strategic Human Resource Management plans .

Organizational Reengineering

Super Act assist organizations to achieve strategic breakthrough performance improvements .

Innovation and Creativity Services

Super Act supports organizational innovation activities to enable the a culture of creativity .

Develop organizational structures and Restructuring projects

Organizational structures and restructuring are fundamental component of the public-sector development.

Government Services Improvement and Simplifying Procedures

Government service improvement is a key component that public sector rests on.

Diagnostic studies and Research

Super Act scientific and research skills enable us to deliver integrated innovative solutions .