Develop organizational structures and Restructuring projects

Organizational structures and restructuring are fundamental component of the public-sector development. We develop organizational structures and execute Restructuring projects based on best practices through:

Developing corporate organizational structures that increase the efficiency of the public sector and rids it of laxity.

providing advice and technical assistance on improving existing organizational structures based on the organisation mandate.

Drafting policies and organisation bylaws that institutionalize restructuring processes at organisation level.

Building organizational structures that increase the effectiveness of government institutions and optimally utilize various resources.

Developing and updating restructuring policies, setting the necessary implementation plans and programs, and issuing relevant reports.

Developing and update methodologies and tools for developing the organizational structures.

Conducting the necessary studies for managing restructuring processes at sectoral / business units level.

Suggesting plans for developing the organizational structures of public administrations at sector level and put in place the necessary implementation plans and programs.

Assisting the organisation in carrying out restructuring processes which include the review and assessment of administrative bylaws and organizational structures, and suggesting alternative organizational structures.